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United States



[I will attempt to update DA more often!]

I am a Costume Designer, Fashion Designer, Seamstress, and Model. I am happy to commission or collaborate with other artists! ♥

I am from Saint Louis, MO and currently a local designer in Kansas City, MO. I have been competing in costume/cosplay runways since 2007 and started judging runways in 2009.

2010, I spent a year judging runways for workmanship, stage presents, and skit presentation.


I have been in the fashion industry as a model since March 2011, also designer since September 2011. I would love to establish an impressive portfolio in Kansas City this year, 2012!
Awards and Related Experience

____Local Recreational Costume Runway Awards________

~Otaku House Finalist
Otaku House        Top 40 out of 1600           2011

~Best of Novice- Skit
Archon 35              Collinsville, IL                  Oct 2011

~Best of Master Class
NatsuCon 11       Collinsville, IL                 Aug 2011

~Judge's Choice - Swimsuit
NatsuCon 11        Collinsville, IL                Aug 11

~2nd Most Promising Seamstress
ACen 11              Rosemont, IL                   May 2011

~Best of Masters
Anime STL 11      Saint Louis, MO               Apr 2011

~Best Overall Workmanship     
Kawa Kon 11       Saint Louis, MO                Mar 2011

~Best Master Workmanship      
Kawa Kon 11       Saint Louis, MO                Mar 2011

~Best Master Presentation In Master        
Kawa Kon 11      Saint Louis, MO                Mar 2011

~Best Look A-Like                   
Naka Kon 11        Kansas City, MO                 Feb 2011

~Best Swimsuit                          
Nebraskon 09     Omaha, NE                         Nov 2009

~Best of Masters                        
Naka Kon 09       Kansas City, MO                 Feb 2009

~Best Recreation                      
Anime STL 09      Saint Louis, MO                  Mar 2008

~Best of Journeymen                
Anime STL 09       Saint Louis, MO                 Mar 2008

~Judge's Choice                       
The-Reactor 07     Wheeling, IL                       Nov 2007

~Best Overall Runway              
Naka Kon 07          Kansas City, MO                Mar 2007


ACen '12

Anime STL '12
~Black Pigeon Press REP

Naka Kon '12
~Judged Hall Runway

Virtual Con 1
~Costume Guest of Honor
~Costume Judge

Nebraskon '11
~Judged Hall & Main & Swimsuit Runway

Archon 35
~Guest of guest

Naka Kon'11                                 
~Judged Hall Runway

Nebraskon '10                              
~Judged Hall & Main & Swimsuit Runway

Motaku '10                                   
~Judged Hall & Main Runway

Archon 34                                    
~Guest of Guest

Anime Iowa '10                             
~Judged Hall & Main Runway

NatsuCon '10                                
~Judged Hall & Main Runway

Naka Kon'10                                 
~Judged Hall Runway

Motaku '09                                  
~Judged Hall & Main Runway

Nebraskon '09                     
~Judged Hall & Main Runway

Archon 33                                    
~Guest of Guest

Naka Kon'09                                 
~Judged Hall Runway


Nebraskon 11                      Cosplay Runway 101                       Nov 2011
Nebraskon 11                      Bento 101                                       Nov 2011
Motaku 11                           Advance Cosplay 101                      Aug 2011
Natsucon 11                        Cosplay 101                                   Aug 2011
Anime STL '11                     Cosplay Runway 101                       Apr 2011
Naka Kon' 11                       Cosplay Runway 101                       Feb 2011
Nebraskon 10                      Bento 101                                       Nov 2010


Kimby's Collection
~JCCC              Overland Park, KS             March 2012

InkStudio [Girl With Dragon Tattoo Series]
~Photoshoot     Raytown, MO                   Jan 2012

Raw Emotion [as MISS SEPTEMBER]
~Photoshoots    Lee Summit, MO               Sept 2011

Enchanted Affairs [4 collections]
~Xpressions     Kansas City, MO                 July 2011

May-Hem [Anastasia's Collection]
~Crossroads    Kansas City, MO                  May 2011

Rock N Fashion [Envolve and Hemline]              
~Crosstown    Kansas City, MO                  April 2011

Carie's Collection           
~MCC             Kansas City, MO                  April 2011

Kimby's Collection        
~ JCCC             Overland Park, KS               March 2011

______ Fashion Design_______________________________

Restyle Runway
~"Forever Altered"     5 pieces collection
Overland Park, KS                                        Sept 2011


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